21 Online Community Examples That Will Inspire You (2021)

Today, online communities have become very popular in various businesses, including online course creators, membership site owners, SAAS brands, etc.
For example, course creators / online members use online communities to enhance learning and participate in programs.
Similarly, many companies use free online communities to build loyal audiences to promote their quality products and services.
If you also plan to create an online community, it would be very helpful to study how different people use the community in their businesses. Also, it will help you understand: What types of online communities exist for
How can the community improve their products?
What strategy do they adopt to get members involved?
What online community platform do you use? Chapter
There is more!
To help you solve all these problems, I created a list of 21 examples of online communities that you can learn from. Now, let’s take a look at it.
Circle of Hope is an independent community of The Healthy Weighout, helping people who struggle with emotional overeating develop healthy nutritional habits.
First, the community offers people a safe space to interact with other people on similar rehabilitation and rehabilitation trips. In addition,
also offers weekly broadcasts of educational videos from experts, and members can also join the conversation and ask questions. In addition, it also includes a series of videos to provide quick tips and posts from experts who post frequently.
Their parents’ website also offers face-to-face retreats and treatment courses, so the online community provides them an excellent opportunity to promote quality products. The
community provides monthly and annual plans, and their products are slightly different. Although the monthly plan includes the recording of the most recent video stream, the annual plan includes the entire library of past video streams.
Technology used:
Mighty Networks
What I like about them:
They create engagement through video conferencing, and members can also participate.
Your annual plan provides a larger content library that helps increase your income. The
Ness Labs community helps people increase productivity and creativity through creativity backed by science.
In your community, members can join conversations on different topics on related channels. In addition, they can also participate in virtual activities such as Q&A sessions, seminars and presentations. And the records of these events can also be viewed later.
members can also access the monthly book club, newsletter, and special offers on tools, books, and apps in the Conscious Productivity space.
community prices are quite reasonable, and provide monthly and annual subscriptions.
Another cool thing about their pricing is that they provide additional courses, seminars, and annual plan reports, which should help them increase their annual subscriptions.
Technology used:
What I like about them:
The community discussed a wide range of topics through various methods of participation.
They created different discounts in monthly and annual plans. The
Pencil Kings community is part of the membership site of the same name, helping cartoonists improve their skills.
Within the community, members can communicate with each other, post questions, and receive feedback on their work. Most importantly, members can see live workshops and interviews with professional artists.
Another thing I like about them is that they give members access to dedicated coaches to get expert feedback and guidance. Community
also has monthly challenge prizes to help increase member participation.
In addition to the community, they also offer a huge library of courses created by artists working in some of the best studios in the world. And according to the skill level of the members, make suggestions for specific courses to the members, which are evaluated through surveys.
Technology used:
What I like about them:
They provide dedicated successful coaches that can improve learning outcomes.
The community organizes rewarded challenges every month to increase participation.
MO Pros is an independent community that helps professionals improve their skills and develop their careers in the marketing field.
In addition to allowing members to establish connections with other professionals, the community also helps them obtain expert mentors, exclusive content, and special industry offers. In addition, they also hold regular “Ask me Anything” meetings for marketers. Community
also comes with a job board where members can create public materials and post or apply for jobs.
In terms of prices, they offer the usual monthly and annual subscriptions. Additionally, members can get 30 days of free access, further reducing the friction of registering your community.
Technology Used:
What I Like About Them:
They provide marketers with a 360-degree professional development community. Community
offers 30 days of free access, making it easy for people to sign up. The
Pipedrive community was created by Pipedrive, a cloud-based sales CRM platform, to help them achieve multiple goals.
On the one hand, the community serves as a space for sales and marketing professionals to communicate with each other, helping Pipedrive develop its brand.
Additionally, the community helps companies get feedback on their products and provides self-service support for their existing customers. The
community has multiple channels for different purposes, and they all have specific guidelines. For example, they have a read-only channel where the company can share planned features and updates with the community. Additionally,
has special channels for members to consult experts, post job inquiries, and seek product help.
His team is very active in the community, regularly sharing case studies and inviting virtual events. To further increase engagement, they use gamification and active members can earn badges called stolen goods from Pipedrive.
Technology used:
What I like about them:
They use community

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