25 Membership Site Examples to Inspire You in 2021

If you want to create a membership site, you should spend some time planning your membership site template, products, and other aspects of the site.
In my experience, one of the best ways to understand any business model is to learn about success stories. Although you don’t need to copy any particular method, you can always get inspiration and ideas from other success stories.
So I created this guide to take you through 25 examples of member sites doing well in their market segments. I hope you can draw inspiration from them.
When creating this list, the most important thing to keep in mind is to include a very diverse portfolio of sites, so this list should help you understand many different aspects of successful membership sites, including:
What model do these sites follow? membership? Chapter

How do you promote participation?
What membership website platform do you use?
How do you rate your membership, including subscription plans and free trials? Chapter
There’s More!
Now, let’s take a look at an example of a membership website.
VIP Membership @ StationX is a cyber security membership school that helps people develop skills to promote their career development in this field. What
stands out is their extensive library of courses for beginners and experienced professionals.
Another impressive thing about the school is how to increase participation and learning through virtual laboratory courses, practical tests and certificates. In addition, they also organized an online forum so that students can get answers to questions from experts.
Your subscription is available throughout the year, and students can access all their courses immediately after purchase.
In terms of pricing, they only offer annual subscriptions. Considering the large number of courses and tests they offer, it makes sense that without a large investment of time, these courses and tests cannot be used well.
Technology used:
can teach
What I like about them:
Their huge library of courses is geared towards professionals of all experience levels.
They focus on practical training through virtual labs and practical tests. The
Training Beta bouldering training program is designed to help climbers improve their rock climbing / climbing games.
In addition to its digital products, Training Beta also hosted a popular podcast and blog. They are a good example of how to create a successful membership website in a niche market by building a loyal audience.
Although you can start your project at any time of the year, the content of your membership is for students. Therefore, an important part of their appeal to students is how they are guided to complete different aspects of the training gradually, with no room for guesswork.
In terms of pricing, they offer monthly, semi-annual and annual subscription plans, and can save money by making bigger commitments up front.
I also like that they offer a 2 week free trial, which really lowers the barriers for potential clients to try the program.
Technology used:
WordPress uses the Membermouse plugin
What I like about them:
They create a loyal audience through free content and enter a relatively small market segment.
The gradual nature of its program makes it easy for beginners.
Smart Passive Income Pro is a membership website based on the online community model, which provides a place for online entrepreneurs to interact and learn from each other. Community
allows users to participate in a wide range of open and private channels, and uses 1: 1 messaging. To create more participation, they offer monthly challenges, regular question and answer sessions, live community meetings, and other activities.
Most importantly, students can access content through live webinars and an increasing number of pre-recorded webinars.
One cool thing about SPI Pro is that they invite applications to join the program, which helps create exclusivity. Additionally, selecting applicants helps them maintain the quality of community engagement.
They review applications quarterly, so the program cannot be activated at any time of the year.
Finally, in terms of pricing, they keep it very simple and offer monthly and yearly subscriptions.
Technology used:
Circle platform
What I like about them:
They interact with members in a variety of ways, such as question and answer sessions and hangouts.
They focus on exclusivity and maintaining the quality of participation.
Yoga with Melissa is a membership website that uses a holistic approach to teach the practice of yoga.
The most important items they provide include a library of yoga courses for beginners and advanced practitioners.
However, it offers more than just teaching yoga postures. It stands out by focusing on helping people integrate into the overall lifestyle changes.
The website also includes on-site workshops, online retreats, meditation videos and spiritual lectures.
Most importantly, they provide members with recipes, mindful eating courses, book clubs, 30-day challenges, online forums, etc.
Yoga with Melissa offers quarterly and annual subscription plans, but they do not offer monthly plans, which makes sense considering the large number of services they provide.
Technology used:
WordPress uses the Memberpress plugin
What I like about them:
They use a 360 degree approach to their content to teach another healthy lifestyle.
They focused on participating through live seminars and community forums.
Personal Development School is a good example, targeting a wide range of niche markets by bundling together a large number of online courses.
The site contains more than 35 courses covering a wide range of topics in the broader field of personal development. With
Plus, students can access real-time weekly webinars, recordings of previous webinars, and online forums. To further increase participation, they provide access

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